Merlin offers a wide range of services. He will work with you to identify which services are the best fit for your needs and your budget. A comprehensive plan will be developed with the sole mission of improving your ranch production and ranching experience.



Help analyze your needs/wants for the ranch so that a clear set of priorities can be determined to guide all further efforts

Economic Analysis

Analyze expenses/income for solutions/improvements
Recommend changes to meet specific goals

Range/pasture management

Analyze strengths/weaknesses
Recommend specific changes with cost estimates and time requirements

Public grazing coordination/improvement

Review current practices/agency grazing plan
Explore and enumerate options
Meet with agency as needed/requested
Recommend improved strategies and guide implementation

Genetics/herd health

Review production to identify any problems and propose solutions/improvements

Employee search/qualification

Facilitate meetings with current staff for evaluation/training
Suggest incentive based programs for motivating employees
Find and screen potential employees

Infrastructure improvement—water, reseedings, fences, corral systems

Cost benefit analysis and planning

Systems and organization

Enhance efficiency through organizing priorities and helping implement systems to focus efforts

Buy/Sell Evaluation Service

Will inspect, evaluate and/or create budget, financial projections and management recommendations.