Improve Your Ranch's Performance

After decades of professional livestock ranch management from Texas to Oregon, Merlin has decided to make his wide range of experience available to you and your ranch through Sunup Ranch Consulting Service. Working in various regions with an array of management styles has taught Merlin that there are many right ways to accomplish an objective. His individualized, principle-based approach can bring a new perspective to your ranch and provide solutions for your problems. Merlin works in an interactive way with owners/management to prioritize goals and define direction for each ranch, resulting in more success and fulfillment. Schedule your initial consultation today.


Travel cost only for first visit.  Call today to get on the schedule!!


Cost for our work is usually based on time and mileage. Please contact Merlin for specific details.


Merlin is a licensed real estate broker in Colorado.

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Agent:  Merlin R Flake                                                        775-293-2530